K. A. Weiste brings Christmas to everyone

The story begins with the Christmas of 1924 and it has all the elements of a fairytale – the spirit and joy of Christmas, an industrious father and a chain of generations. 

Kalle Weiste ran a paper shop in Helsinki in the 1920s. One time he acquired tree-topper stars for Christmas trees from abroad for sale. Decorations were scarce at the time but people had a desire to decorate their homes for Christmas. On the eve of Christmas eve, all stars but one had been sold. Kalle got an idea and started manufacturing decorations in Finland. 

Since then, we have been bringing joy to people who enjoy prettying up their homes. Kalle’s legacy is continued by his family and today we offer décor products for a cosy mood throughout the year. It all began with Christmas, but a fabulously warm mood can be true in the home and at family parties whenever you want. 

Our story began with a small workroom

The history of Weiste began in Finland in 1924. Kalle Weiste (1881-1963) founded a company with Christmas tree decorations and their domestic manufacture as his passion. Silver thread was the material at that point. Weiste operated in a small workroom on Kluuvikatu. A moment later, in 1926, the journey continued to Pukinmäki, where the first factory building was completed in 1931. As many as 40 different types of ribbons and braids were manufactured in the weaving mill, which was founded in the middle of the decade.  

Kalle and Aarre Weiste in the beginning of 1920’s

From the wartime difficulties to a new millennium

During the years of war between 1939 and 1944, bands for decorations of honour and lanyards were produced for the defence forces. Wartime difficulties also affected us, and the manufacture of Chrismas tree decorations had to be stopped completely due to rationing. The rationing continued even after the war. Exports were allowed, though, and the first decorations were delivered for export to Sweden through Koristevienti Oy, a subsidiary founded in Hanko. 

In the 1960s, plastic was acquired as a material, which made the decorations more durable and the range of colours was wider than before. Then it was time to aim for international markets under the leadership of Aarre Weiste. K. A. Weiste Oy was awarded with the Presidential Export Award in 1992Exports constituted about 80% of the company’s output at the time. The turn of the millennium was a time of flourishing for us. Our products could be found in nearly all of the largest European reseller chains and the number of export countries increased to nearly forty. In the 1960’s K. A. Weiste also started to import children’s toys. In early 2000, the home décor boom took over and the company decided to concentrate on this new field. Today, the range includes both high-quality Weiste Christmas Legend Christmas decorations produced in our own factories and a wide selection of imported VillaWeiste home décor and Christmas products. 

K. A. Weiste Oy was awarded the 1992 Presidential Export Award. 

What we are today

Today, we do product design of our own, which is rare, even in these days, and respected and which we invest in. That product design of our own has carried our story from the very beginning. We produce first-class Weiste Christmas Legend Christmas decorations in our own factories in FinlandThe collection includes baubles, bells, filigrees, tinsel, garland, Christmas tree-topper stars, wreaths and small Christmas trees. The safety of both the products and raw materials is important to us. In addition to decorations intended for home use, we offer a wide range of larger decorations suited for public venues. 

Our long experience has been enhanced into a brilliant story over many generations. To us, Finnishness, Scandinavianness and Arcticness are the cornerstones of our existence. People enjoy themselves with us and we want to pass on a warm mood to our customers, as well. We have a happy subject and a lovely industry with which we get to work – hopefully for the next one hundred years as well.