Christmas tree top star

Like a fairy tale, but true.

The story of Weiste begins in Christmas 1924 and has all the elements of a fairy tale – the spirit of Christmas, bringing joy to people, an entrepreneurial father and a chain of generations.

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Kalle Weiste ran a paper shop in Helsinki in the 1920s. He once bought Christmas tree top stars for sale from abroad. Decorations were scarce at the time, but people had a desire to decorate their homes for Christmas. By Christmas Eve, all stars but one had been sold. Kalle got an idea and started manufacturing decorations in Finland.

Since then, we have brought joy to people who enjoy beautifying their homes. We continue Kalle’s tradition and today, in addition to Christmas decorations, we offer interior products for a cosy atmosphere all year round.

It all started with Christmas, but this fabulously warm atmosphere can be true at home whenever you want.

The Christmas factory rises in Pukinmäki

The history of the Weiste Christmas decoration factory and, the industrial production of Finnish Christmas decorations began in the 1920s. Elementary school teacher Kalle Aimo Weiste (1881 - 1963) founded a company in Helsinki in 1924 with the business idea of manufacturing Finnish Christmas tree decorations made of silver yarn.

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After making the decorations first at home and then for a year in his workshop on Kluuvikatu, Kalle Weiste moved with his son Aarre to Pukinmäki in 1926. Later that year the first modest factory building was built, and additional building was completed in 1931. The majority of the current factory building was completed in 1946.

A weaving mill was established at the factory in the mid-1930s. According to the 1938 catalogue, about forty different types of ribbons and yarns were manufactured on strip weaving machines and later on spinning and braiding machines.

The beginning of the export trade

During the war years 1939-1944, the weaving mill supplied the Finnish Defence Forces with galloons and ribbons for military medals. The manufacture of Christmas Decorations had to be suspended due to rationing.

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Rationing continued even after the end of the war, but it was possible to purchase raw materials for export trade. A subsidiary of Hanko, Koristevienti Oy, was established for the export trade of silver thread decorations in the spring of 1946. Our first export country was Sweden.

New materials
revolutionise the production

The 1960s marked the introduction of plastic that was to become the prominent raw material for decades. By cutting PVC films, it was possible to produce even more durable and colorful decorations, the material could even imitate tinsels and tree top stars made of precious silver threads – just like the decorations until then.

The season for the first plastic balls assembled from two halves was short when the production of hard mold blown plastic balls began as early as 1967.

Imports of toys rose alongside the Christmas decoration trade to balance the seasonal variation.

Export trade is booming

Under the management of Aarre Weiste (1920-2001), the son of the founder, the company directed its efforts strongly to international markets.

When K. A. Weiste Oy was presented with the President’s Export Award in 1992, it was at the same time a recognition of Aarre Weiste’s life’s work. Back then, export already made up approximately 80% of the company’s production.

The turn of the millennium was a successful time for the company. Exports flourished and our products were found in almost every major department store and garden centre in Europe. The number of exporting countries rose to almost forty.

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New decorative designs were created at an accelerating pace. However, the aftermath of the financial crisis made export trade difficult from 2008 onwards.

Weiste found new growth in small, imported home decor products. Focus for Christmas decorations was in more demanding special items and in the development of our own innovative designs.

Our story continues

Our own product design has been at the heart of our story from the beginning. Finnish nature is an endless source of inspiration for us, the snow, ice and forest animals have inspired many unique winter themes.

In honor of our 100th anniversary, all our production has been returned to where our operations started, our factory in Pukinmäki. We make spruce decorative braids, conifers, and table spruces mainly by machine, as well as crown stars, decorated balls, and filigree decorations by hand. We also manufacture large-sized decorations for the needs of decorators.

In addition, we import a comprehensive selection of Christmas decorations, from glass balls to elves and decorative crystals to angels and forest animals.

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For Christmas 2017, the old historic Villa in the yard of our factory, the home of Kalle Weiste, was transformed into our brand store.

Our latest innovative Christmas decorations are made from eco-friendly, responsible materials. We are the industry pioneers in the use of these bio-based material technologies.

Our long-term success is based on excellent customer relationships, reactivity, innovation and our high quality products.

It is a great honour for us to work on Christmas all year round
– hopefully also for the next hundred years!